Hello! Welcome to Kendall’s 2018 Buddy Walk Page!

Kendall is one AMAZING little girl, as most of you already know because I post so many photos and videos on Facebook and IG!! She is 4 years and this is her 4th Buddy Walk. Every year we are blown away by the amount of money and the number of participates Kendall’s Kingdom brings in. We are humbled to have such wonderful friends and family to support us through this journey, year after year. Last year was the first year that Kendall really enjoyed the Buddy Walk and talked about it for the rest of the evening and the following days, so I am guessing this one will be the best one yet for her!

Kendall will start a new preschool in the fall and we hope it will be a great fit for her. She continues to work hard at PT, OT, and speech. She has been reaching her goals and continues to get stronger and smarter as each day passes.

Kendall and her brother are quite the pair. They love hanging out together and the two of them are pretty inseparable. Kadin is the little brother and he would do anything for Kendall. He always makes sure she is near and doing what she needs to do. If Kendall ever wanders away, Kadin is the first to tell us where his sissy is. He is the best little brother we could have ever asked for. We hope the bond stays forever.

Kendall recently became a Brand Rep for a few small shops which means Mommy gets to take lots of photos and submit them to the shops to share and promote the items. Kendall has become quite the model and loves the camera (at home).  We hope Kendall's smile continues to light up your life as much as it does ours!!

We hope and pray that with all of the love and support of our friends and family we will be able to help Kendall become the best she can be.  

We would love for you and your family to join us on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at the Dallastown Area Intermediate School to support the many individuals that are diagnosed with Down syndrome in the U.S.  The money raised will support local programs and services, as well as National Down Syndrome Society advocacy and public awareness initiatives that benefit all individuals with Down syndrome.

No donation is too small. Every little bit helps the organization and children with Down syndrome in some way! Kendall and her friends with Down syndrome will have a brighter future and a better tomorrow because of your donation. Thank you for your kindness and support! 




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